Rules of Amberley Community Pool Society Incorporated

The Society

  1. Name
    1.1. The name of the society is Amberley Community Pool Society Incorporated (“the
    1.2. The Society is constituted by resolution dated 27th May 2013.

  3. Registered Office
    2.1. The Registered Office of the Society is: 5 Amberley beach Road, Amberley, North

  5. Purposes of Society
    3.1. The purposes of the Society are to:

    • a) Raise funds for the refurbishment of the Amberley community pool.
    • b) Apply any funds raised primarily for that purpose, and additionally for the
      purposes expressed below.
    • c) Ensure the Amberley, and wider North Canterbury, community retain access to
      and use of a safe and well appointed pool facility within the Amberley township.
    • d) Ensure the refurbished Amberley community pool caters for all recreational,
      educational, social and sporting users of the pool facility.
    • e) To explore and consider all possibilities for an integrated pool and building
      facility with any possible other complimentary uses.
    • f) Ensure and maintain commitment from the Hurunui District council, and Hanmer
      Thermal Pools to co-fund the refurbishment and development of the Amberley
      community pool.
    • g) Ensure that the Amberley community pool facility stays fully or majority owned,
      managed and operated by the Hurunui District Council.
    • h) To cooperate with any other organisations or individuals whose objects or goals
      are altogether or in part similar to this Society in order to advance and promote the
      purposes of this Society.
    • i) Maintain an active participation, as a community organisation, in any future
      governance or management structure of:
      • i. refurbishment and redevelopment process
      • ii. a refurbished and redeveloped pool that results from all of the above

    Management of the Society

    4. Managing Committee
    4.1. The Society shall have a managing committee (“the Committee”), comprising the following:

    • Chairperson;
    • Vice Chairperson;
    • Secretary;
    • Treasurer (together with the above persons, “the Officers”); and
    • A representative of Hurunui District Council (the “Council”), appointed by the Council (“the Council Representative”);
    • Such other Members as the Society shall decide (if any) to the intent that the Committee is representative of the Amberley and North Canterbury community (“the Community Representatives”).

    4.2. Only Members of the Society may be Committee Members.
    4.3. There shall be a minimum of five Committee Members.

    5. Appointment of Committee Members
    5.1. At a Society Meeting, the Members may decide by majority vote:

    • a) How large the Committee will be;
    • b) Who shall be the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and
      Community Representative (if any);
    • c) Whether any Committee Member may hold more than one position as an Officer;

    5.2. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in these Rules:

    • a) The Council may appoint (and from time to time replace) one person to be the
      Council Representative;
    • b) The Council Representative shall become a Member on appointment by the
      Council, and shall cease to be a Member on replacement by the Council; and
    • c) The Society shall have no power to remove the Council Representative from Membership of the Society or from the Committee.

    6. Cessation of Committee Membership
    6.1. The term of office of a Committee Member is one year (“the Term”).
    6.2. Persons cease to be Committee Members when:

    • a) They resign by giving written notice to the Committee.
    • b) They are removed by majority vote of the Society at a Society Meeting.
    • c) Their Term expires.

    6.3. If a person ceases to be a Committee Member, that person must immediately give to the
    Committee all Society documents and property.

    7. Nomination of Committee Members
    7.1. Nominations for members of the Committee shall be called for at least 28 days before
    an Annual General Meeting. Each candidate shall be proposed and seconded in writing
    by Members and the completed nomination delivered to the Secretary. Nominations
    shall close at 5pm on the fifth day before the Annual General Meeting. All retiring
    members of the Committee shall be eligible for re-election.
    7.2. If the position of any Officer becomes vacant between Annual General Meetings, the
    Committee may appoint another Committee Member to fill that vacancy until the next
    Annual General Meeting.
    7.3. If the position of any Committee Member becomes vacant between Annual General
    Meetings, the Committee may appoint another Society Member to fill that vacancy until
    the next Annual General Meeting.
    7.4. If any Committee Member is absent from three consecutive meetings without leave of
    absence the Chairperson may declare that person’s position to be vacant.
    8. Role of the Committee
    8.1. Subject to these rules of the Society (“the Rules”), the role of the Committee is to:

    • a) Administer, manage, and control the Society;
    • b) Carry out the purposes of the Society, and Use Money or Other Assets to do that;
    • c) Manage the Society’s financial affairs, including approving the annual financial
      statements for presentation to the Members at the Annual General Meetings;
    • d) Set accounting policies in line with generally accepted accounting practice;
    • e) Delegate responsibility and co-opt Members where necessary;
    • f) Ensure that all Members follow the Rules;
    • g) Decide how a person becomes a Member, and how a person stops being a
    • h) Decide the times and dates for Meetings, and set the agenda for Meetings;
    • i) Decide the procedures for dealing with complaints; and
    • j) Set Membership fees, including subscriptions and levies.

    8.2. The Committee has all of the powers of the Society, unless the Committee’s power is
    limited by these Rules or majority decision of the Society
    8.3. All decisions of the Committee shall be by a Majority Vote. In the event of an equal
    vote, the Chairperson shall have a casting vote, that is, a second vote.
    8.4. Decisions of the Committee bind the Society, unless the Committee’s power is limited
    by these Rules or by a majority decision of the Society.
    9. Roles of Committee Members
    9.1. The Chairperson is responsible for:

    • a) Ensuring that the Rules are followed;
    • b) Convening Meetings;
    • c) Chairing Meetings, deciding who may speak and when;
    • d) Overseeing the operation of the Society; and
    • e) Reporting on the operations of the Society at each Annual General Meeting; and

    9.2. The Vice Chairperson is responsible for fulfilling the role of the Chairperson in the
    event of the unavailability of the Chairperson at a Meeting.
    9.3. The Secretary is responsible for:

    • a) Recording the minutes of Meetings;
    • b) Keeping the Register of Members;
    • c) Holding the Society’s records, documents, and books except those required for
      the Treasurer’s function;
    • d) Receiving and replying to correspondence as required by the Committee;
    • e) Forwarding the annual financial statements for the Society to the Registrar of Incorporated Societies upon their approval by the Members at an Annual General Meeting and
    • f) Advising the Registrar of Incorporated Societies of any changes to the Rules.

    9.4. The Treasurer is responsible for:

    • a) Collecting and receiving all payments to the Society.
    • b) Keeping proper accounting records of the Society’s financial transactions to
      allow the Society’s financial position to be readily ascertained;
    • c) Preparing annual financial statements for presentation at each Annual General
      Meeting (“the Annual Financial Statements”). These statements shall be prepared
      in accordance with the Societies’ accounting policies (see 8.1.d).
    • d) Providing a financial report at each Annual General Meeting; and
    • e) Providing financial information to the Committee as the Committee determines.