The Amberley Pool

Our current pool was built in 1927 and it is coming to the end of its useable life.

In 2008, 2011, 2012 engineer’s reports on the Amberley pool all indicated that a number of things won’t last much longer (1-5 years) e.g. the filtration / disinfection system.

The problem is that if something fails and needs replacing this will trigger a domino effect and mean that the whole pool complex will need to comply with current standards and the current building code. The various reports all indicated that it isn’t practical or cost effective to repair or replace individual components of the pool that are at the end of their useable life.

Therefore, it is likely that if we do nothing OUR POOL WILL BE SHUT DOWN…  

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Here are some more specific details:

Since 2008 there have been a number of reports prepared on the Amberley Swimming Pool.

All the various reports conclude that the Amberley Swimming Pool will become unusable within a few years for the following reasons:

1.       Power Supply

The current power system is frequently at its maximum and often showers etc. are cold because the system has overloaded.

2.       End of Useable Life

All the various reports have indicated that the filtration and disinfection systems will possibly fail in about 1-5 years. The reports also indicate that the pool enclosure / roof structure are showing signs of corrosion and the sourthern side may need to be replaced.

3.       Health and Safety

There are a number of health and safety issues. These include: the current filtration / disinfection system, in terms of water treatment there is no PH control system and the chlorine dosing equipment has been repaired several times.

4.       Compliance

The ladders, filtration plant, building’s ventilation and toilet facilities are all currently non-compliant.

5.       Operating Costs

The current operating costs of the pool are approx. $60-$90k for the 16 weeks that the pool is open.

6.       Repair Costs

The roof cost around $10k to repair in 2010. It is likely that there will be on-going repair costs associated with the building, pools and filtration system etc.


The problem with rebuilding / replacing / upgrading, in terms of any one of the individual problems identified above (on their own)… is that any major work would trigger the requirement for the rest of the facility to meet the current building code standards.

Therefore if we do nothing – it is likely that any one of the issues which have been covered in the various engineers reports… will trigger a domino effect which could mean the pool will have to close…

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